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Río Sella

Gijón, 1999.

Marketing degree graduate by Universidad de Navarra, and current student of UX Design at the University of San Diego.


​In an attempt to develop my professional career based on my personal concerns, during my degree in Marketing, I decided to study courses from the UOC’s Digital Design Degree and to focus on brand narrative. This choice led me to find my true interest, human-computer interactions and the implications of stories and storytelling in these relationships.


And as a result of my concerns and reflections, my Final Year Thesis emerged, an academic investigation on the human need to tell and listen to stories and how brands develop this same need. Applying this research to the IKEA brand and its narrative.


These concerns have led me to combine marketing with the IT world. UX narrative has become the field in which I want to develop my professional career. Adapting web development and its narrative to achieve a better user experience.


Furthermore, this combination of disciplines has led me to join the Gourmap team as a Strategic Design Lead – UX/UI, being in charge of aligning the Swiss startup's brand identity with its UX strategy.

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